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Please find below an overview of the annual events organized

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CNY Resume Work Ceremony 2024
February 2024

Welcoming the new work year with enthusiasm and joy at our Chinese New Year Resume Work Ceremony! 🌟 Excited to embark on another year of achievements, growth, and prosperity together. Here's to a successful and auspicious year ahead! 恭祝开工大吉,生意兴隆!新的一年里, 愿大家事业有成,步步高升!🎊🧧

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CNY Orange Distribution Ceremony
February 2024

Reflecting on the heartwarming moments from our CNY Orange Distribution Ceremony, where every staff member received a token of prosperity and good fortune. ✨ Wishing everyone a year filled with abundance and success! 🎉 分“柑”同味 🍊 大吉大利🧧

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CNY Dinner 2024
February 2024

Grateful to our VIPs, special guests, dedicated committee, and everyone who contributed to the success of this memorable dinner celebration. Your presence made it truly special! 🌟 感谢我们的嘉宾,以及所有为这次活动取贡献付出的兄弟姐妹们。因为你们,这个晚宴更添色彩!

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Grand opening of the Centralised Labour Quarter (CLQ)
February 2024

Gratitude fills the air as we celebrate the grand opening of the Centralised Labour Quarter (CLQ) in collaboration between SMT Technologies, LME, and DS Group!

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The 1st round qualifier - Elite Generation
November 2023

A huge congratulations to our elite members who have advanced to the first round qualifier! Your commitment is very inspirational. Let's strive for continuous progress, fostering growth for both the team and each individual.💪 Fighting! 💪Fighting!...

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Deepavali - 2023
November 2023

Wishing you a Festival of Lights filled with love, prosperity, and the warm glow of family and friends. Happy Deepavali! 🪔💫🎉

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Movie Night 2023
October 2023

An Unforgettable Night with the Elite Generation: Reliving 'No More Bets' and Building Lasting Memories! 🎬🌟✨ The Elite Movie Night was a grand success, where we came together, laughed, and shared an incredible cinematic experience. As we reminisce about this fantastic night, let's keep the spirit alive, supporting one another and growing...

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Elite Team Building
October 2023

Building stronger teams, one activity at a time! Our team-building day was filled with laughter, challenges, and bonding. Here's to fostering a stronger and more connected team!

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Management Review
August 2023

Our journey isn't just about numbers; it's about fighting for our family, our goals, and securing a brighter future for the next generation. As we review achievements and celebrate milestones, we're more determined than ever to refocus on our goals and keep pushing boundaries. 🌟Together, we continue to shine brighter.

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Transformation Day 2023
July 2023

Today, on the 9th Transformation Day, let us come together to extend our heartfelt wishes to Dato' Alex Kang for his remarkable leadership and vision. We've come a long way in 9️⃣ years. But we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you for being a part of our transformation.

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Durian Feast
June 2023

When it comes to team bonding, we take it to the next level with a durian extravaganza! SMTT Management having a blast at the Durian Feast! Lots of laughter, good times, and unforgettable memories as we explore different types of durians and enjoy this tasty adventure together.

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The Star Export Excellence Award Roadshow
June 2023

Our CEO Dato’ Alex Kang shared EG Industries Berhad experience and ideas on how it’s sustainability programs are managed in order to remain competitive in the global supply chain industry.

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SMTT Corporate Visit With MATRADE & TEEIA
May 2023

SMTT were honored to host an array of companies from Taiwan at SMTT today. Together, SMTT look forward to forging strong partnerships that will shape a prosperous future! SMTT also would like to extend sincere appreciation to MATRADE & TEEIA for making the corporate visit a resounding success.

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Hari Raya Ketupat Giving
April 2023

SMTT are all about coming together and having a good time. The company is excited to give out ketupat to their Muslim colleagues as a way of showing appreciation for their hard work, especially during the festive season of Hari Raya. SMTT want everyone to stay safe and healthy, so the company are also providing face masks to their team members,...

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Fireside Chat Event
April 2023

It was an amazing day at the EG Industries fireside chat, with MIDA Deputy CEO Puan Lim Bee Vian, Kedah Senior State Executive Council Member YB Dato ’Wira ‘Dr. Ku Abd Rahman, CIG Executive VP Mr. Cliff Lin Chi Hung and and our Group CEO Dato Alex Kang! Our Smart Factory 4.0 commenced construction in January and aim to be ready by 2024. The...

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Make-A-Wish Program
March 2023

SMTT's employees are overwhelmed with gratitude to Dato Alex for making our wishes come true at the Make-A-Wish Program! Syazwanienadia's wish for car skirting seemed like a distant dream, but Dato Alex made it a realityThe lucky ones received gifts ranging from a badminton racket, a Starbucks tumbler, a stationery set, Royce chocolate, Ferrero...

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CNY Celebration in SMTT
January 2023

We celebrated the commence work ceremony with a majestic lion dance, this special event is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and good fortune to come. Our CEO, Dato' Alex Kang also distributed lucky red packets to SMTT brothers and sisters! Let's join together as a team and make new beginnings that move us towards bigger and better goals!

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CNY Dinner
January 2023

SMTT kicked off the CNY celebration with a bang and lion dance! There were annual dinner party was a total blast and here are some of the fun moments we enjoyed. We had everything from exciting performances, amazing games to lucky draws. There were lucky winners who won gifts ranging from Vacuum Cleaner, Watch, Air Purifier, Samsung TV and more....

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CNY Mandarin Oranges Giving
January 2023

SMTT kicked off the CNY celebration with a bang and lion dance! There were annual dinner party was a total blast and here are some of the fun moments we enjoyed. We had everything from exciting performances, amazing games to lucky draws. Celebrating Chinese New Year in the office today! Our CEO is brightening the day by personally handing out...

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Talk About Business Resilience in the Post-Pandamic Era
December 2022

Our CEO, Dato Alex Kang gave a talk to the USM postgraduate students addressing 'Business Resilience in the Post-Pandamic Era'. Dato Alex shared how SMTT’s 4R core values - Reset, Recharge, Regain and Refocus pushed us through and endured the pandemic. We have turned the experience into a better future, and we are back better than before.

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Offering Session at SMT Industries Prachinburi
December 2022

Our CEO Dato' Alex Kang and the VIPs attended a prayer and offering session held at SMT Industries, Prachinburi.

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Christmas Celebration in SMTT
December 2022

It's not always about the lights, but what matters most: SMTT family, laughter, great food, and gifts for everyone. Merry Christmas! SMTT are always grateful for team & family and we love that you guys are part of this one-of-a-kind

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Industrial Visit From Kedah Exco Members
November 2022

We are delighted to host industrial visit from Kedah Exco Members YB Dato’ Wira Dr. Ku Abd Rahman Ku Ismail (Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Investment) and YB Dr. Robert Ling Kui Ee (Chairman of the Committee on Housing and Environmental) to SMT Technologies for our business expansion discussion.

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SMTT Smart Factory 4.0 GroundBreaking Ceremony
October 2022

A sneak peek at one of our most anticipated projects - the groundbreaking of our new where we’ll uncover what this future holds!

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Diwali Celebration
October 2022

Our group CEO, Dato' Alex Kang, officiated yesterday's joyous Diwali celebration. We had a great time lighting diyas, sharing sweets, and creating rangolis. This celebration unites us all through the light despite the different races and nationalities. Line the diyas outside the door. Sweep the dust from every corner. Hang decorations on the...

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Elite Generation - Birthday Dinner
October 2022

It takes tremendous hard work to complete a project as a team. These Elite Generation team members have gone beyond their roles to make SMT a better workplace and contribute back to the community. We want to say "thank you" to all of them. And we said it with great food and laughter at the appreciation dinner at one of our Preferred Outlets last...

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Transformation Day Carnival
August 2022

It was an exciting day at SMTT Transformation Day Carnival, as proven by the happy grin on all the faces. Dato' Alex Kang, our group CEO, officiated the carnival with a motivating speech, followed by our SMTT cheer “SMTT ! Fighting Fighting Fighting, “ which definitely amped up the crowd. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a particular highlight...

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4R For The Top Conference 2022
May 2022

Wonderful and fun moments of this 3D2N conference for the top management. We Reset, Recharge, Refocus and Regain!! We listen, communicate, motivate & encourage each other! Teamwork makes the dream work. We will continuously bring our different levels of management to 4R! SMTT will definitely strive up higher with our 4R goals.

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Top 50 Elite Generation Get Together Dinner
May 2022

SMTT believed capital investment in Human Resources is important to recognize, grow, train and reward potential employees in SMTT. This is in line with our initiative in promoting talent from the pool of employees. All these efforts will enhance the 4R Summit focusing on Reset, Recharge, Refocus and Regain for the continuous growth of the...

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Balik Kampung Road Safety Campaign
May 2022

In conjunction with Hari Raya celebration and to emphasize on Balik Kampung Road Safety Campaign, SMT Technologies distributed motorcycle helmets to the selected employees during the Bubur Lambuk distribution event as well.

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Hari Raya Bubur Lambuk Distribution
April 2022

SMTT Hari Raya 2022 celebration and Bubur Lambuk distribution program to all 3,000 employees of SMTT. Bubur Lambuk - scattered porridge is given to people during the holy month of Ramadan at most mosque

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CNY Celebration in SMTT
February 2022

There were AngPao's given, Lou Hei Yusheng, lion dances, mandarin giving for all the employees in the SMTT

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EG|SMTT CNY Dinner Celebration
January 2022

EG and SMTT employees are having their time with the CNY dinner celebration. Everyone was having their time

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2022 New Year Countdown Dinner
January 2022

EG and SMTT employees are having their time with the CNY dinner celebration. Everyone was having their time

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2nd Dose Vaccination For SMTT Employees
August 2021

Majority of our employees have completed both doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

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Vaccination for EG|SMTT Employees
August 2021

EG|SMTT’s employees’ are vaccinated! On 29/7/21, our employees have received their first COVID-19 vaccination dose under the Public-Private Partnership Covid-19 Industry Immunisation Programme (PIKAS). EG|SMTT is committed in curbing the spread of COVID-19, provide safe workplace to our employee and playing our role to help to boost...

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Meeting discussion with Invest Kedah and Kedah State Economy Planning Division (BPEN)
November 2020

Meeting discussion with Invest Kedah and Kedah State Economy Planning Division (BPEN) was held on 4th Nov 2020. The site visit meeting discussion has covered current development and future expansion plan of SMT Technologies.

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Transformation Day 2020
July 2020

it’s our EG|SMTT family transformation day. We launched & introduced a new of spending and earning with our ‘HOT’ brand new program, EG Wallet to all brothers/sisters on this blissful & charming day. EG Wallet is Digital Wallet developed to be use by EG|SMTT. EG Wallet allows us to spend in canteen, food delivery, vending machine,...

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Tanda Pangkat Ceremony
February 2020

Security Guard 'Tanda Pangkat' Ceremony presented by our Group CEO/ED, Dato Alex Kang. Well done team

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Chinese New Year 2020 Celebration
January 2020

There are mini games, lucky draw, dancer and dinner hosted for all EG employees

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Collaboration Signing Ceremony with AIMNST University
October 2019

MOU signing ceremony between AIMST University and SMT Technologies in collaboration with research, design and innovation activities and student internship program.

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Smart 4.0 Soft Opening Ceremony
October 2019

Smart 4.0 Soft Opening Ceremony

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Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival
September 2019

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from EG|SMTT Family

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Karnival Pekerjaan EIS Perkeso Kedah 2019
July 2019

EG team set up a career fair booth in Aman Central, Alor Setar to hire more employees

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Majlis Berbuka Puasa 2019
July 2019

Majlis Berbuka Puasa together with our Chairman Dato' Terence Tea and group CEO Dato' Alex Kang in the holy month of Ramadhan with the spirit of giving.

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Movie Day 2019
May 2019

Our Group CEO Dato’ Alex loves the idea of all brothers and sisters gather together, hence Dato’ came out with the Movie Day idea for all the Knights and Management team to relax after work to strengthen the bonding among each other and to recharge.

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Career Booth at Universiti Malaysia Perlis
April 2019

We are Booth S12 in Dewan Ilmu UniMAP Main Campus to hire fresh graduates